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Get connected. hireseeking is an online platform to connect hire suppliers with hire seekers, all in the one spot. hireseeking is the Australian construction industry’s Search, Find and Compare website for Equipment, Plant, Tool & Vehicle Hire. hireseeking services a range of customers from a variety of backgrounds – including commercial, residential, industrial and weekend DIY users.

Hire Suppliers

Our aim is to provide you a level playing field to list your equipment no matter your business size. Whether you have just one equipment or a big fleet, hireseeking is the place to list it. Our research tells us that hire seekers are having to do a lot of research and make a number of calls before they find the price, availability and location of their desired equipment. On the flipside, as an owner/manager of equipment, you too will find yourself fielding calls and giving quotes only to never hear back from the majority of enquirers. This is time, effort and frustration that both parties can do without. Our vision is that with a clear post on our platform detailing the price and key features of your equipment, the Hire Seekers contacting you are those who are keen to hire. All that there is left to discuss is availability.

Hire Seekers

Our aim is to allow you to quickly and conveniently make an informed decision about your next hire. By displaying hire rates we have eliminated the hassle of waiting around for responses and quotes to give you this key detail. Our platform also allows you to narrow in on what you want based on key criteria such as availability of Operator, Safety Documents, Freight, Card Payment and of course Location.