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Hire Nail guns

Taylors Lakes VIC 3038

Paslode air operated framer.

$35 a day, add $20 per day after

Paslode air operated fixer braider

$25 per day

Bostich coil nailer

$45 per day, add

Equipment Only

35 /day

Min. 1 day(s)
Supplied by
Matty Hire
Hire Pressurised Water Bottle - 10L - Cutquik

Pressurised water container for use with all cut-off saws. The 10 litre capacity pressurised water container for mobile water supply ensures a clean wet cut without creating dust, even on construct

Equipment Only

31 /day

Min. 1 day(s)
Supplied by
Hire House Pty Ltd
Hire Jack Hammer

Altona VIC 3018

JACK HAMMER to let/for hire

"MICHIGAN" 1700Watt Industrial Demolition Jack Hammer for Hire

    Equipment Only

    17 /day

    Min. 3 day(s)
    Supplied by
    Hire Lawn Mower

    St Albans VIC 3021

    Lawn Mower Hire $25 per day $100 deposit

    Equipment Only

    25 /day

    Min. 1 day(s)
    Supplied by
    Alans Mower Hire
    Hire Petrol Plate Compactor (60Kg)

    Petrol Plate Compactor (60Kg)


    $50/2 days or </

    Equipment Only

    30 /day

    Min. 1 day(s)
    Supplied by